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Oct 12, 2012 7:00pm EDT
be associated with you. jennifer has been in ambassador for u.s. programs for four years. we met she was she was pregnant that she give birth to her second child and she has been a reluctance fierce advocate on behalf of america's kids for the last four years and has done an amazing job. we were together last week in seattle, washington. we would not have looked at programs about an hour outside of seattle. she has been to our programs all across the country. california, seattle, washington state to west virginia where we started a programs as a result of her advocacy with no senator mentioned, then governor mentioned has been fantastic. i get to introduce senator casey, so hold that same things nice things about you for a couple minutes. that's okay, right? just a couple quick words the senator mentioned about save the children. we are well known for her work internationally and a hundred 30 countries around the world. here in the united states where we started almost 80 years ago as a program focused in kentucky, helping kids affected by depression or networks in over 200 schoo
Oct 5, 2012 7:00pm EDT
in the u.s. in the middle of the revolution i started becoming afraid of what's going to happen is area, especially when the regime started using, but when i come and listen to initiatives, like the ones you are doing, and the future looks more optimistic than what i thought it would be. my question is, when do you think the regime is going to fault? [laughter] >> i am looking for my crystal ball. perhaps we should begin a betting pool among the audience. but no, let's take that question a little bit more seriously. we are all familiar with the broad trends of the revolution. i think we have seen that during the period from may to perhaps august, september, the revolution had gained him the capacity of the regime of command and control eroded. there seemed to be an accelerating rate of deflation among senior officers. we now find ourselves in early october and looks as if the incremental gain that the opposition enjoyed during the summer months have slowed and that there is the potential even for the reversal of some of those games. what does that tell us about the time horizon? we have
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2